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Your business comes first with us at Masters-Hall.

We’re passionate about reducing your stress, decreasing your workload, and helping you achieve a better outcome for you and your clients. That’s why we offer honest services at a great value.

Your appraisal will have 100% of our focus. You can reach our owner at any time. And we’re available to answer your questions—even after we’ve handed you our final report. We’re committed to providing the best service in south central Wisconsin.

Every Property Appraisal Report is Uniquely Tailored to Your Needs

We believe our clients deserve the utmost attention and highest quality of service in the industry. Our dedication to detail shows in the way we listen carefully to our clients, ask the right questions, and ensure the most cost effective and personalized solutions. We foresee future questions and clarifications and address them in our reports.

When you order a property appraisal from Masters-Hall, you’ll receive a complete report based 100% on your property’s real world value.

Your appraisal report will be:

  • Custom-tailored to suit each property’s specific needs
  • Conformed to fit your property’s unique characteristics and features
  • Realistic indication of market value

We appraise what we know.

If you have a commercial property in south central Wisconsin, we can work with you to provide a detailed, thorough appraisal based on fresh data and first hand research. Other companies will use databases so they can do more appraisals in less time, but we believe you deserve the most current, personalized information. View our appraisal area here.

We’re dedicated to high quality and high service while maintaining 100% credibility and accountability. We don’t outsource anything. You can trust that you will always have a skilled appraiser working on your report, from beginning to end.

We’re committed to growing our expertise.

Whether it’s changes in technology or changes in federal regulations, the real estate landscape is constantly evolving. We continue to develop our knowledge and comprehension of the industry by attending education classes, seminars and events across the country. Our owner and founder maintains the highest level of certification, and all our appraisers are experienced Certified General Appraisers.

We don’t simply appraise to pay the bills. We appraise because we love the profession, we are passionate about what we do, and we want to ensure our clients’ best interests are always first.

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Veteran Owned and Operated

Before being deployed overseas, our founder and owner, Tyson Hall, worked for a number of other appraisal services in Wisconsin. He enjoyed the industry and learned a lot about what to do (and what not to do—yes, he kept a notebook!). But he quickly grew tired of being overworked and underpaid.

While he was overseas on deployment from being called up to active duty, he had an epiphany. If he could successfully take charge of a platoon in a foreign country with fellow airmen, he knew he could use his management skills to run an appraisal business his way.

Hall’s years in the Wisconsin Army National Guard and the Wisconsin Air National Guard helped him focus on what he was most passionate about. He vowed to transfer the values he gained in the military, his family and growing up on a farm, to the ownership and creation of Masters-Hall Appraisal. Values like dedication, hard work, honesty, integrity and discipline are applied on a daily basis within the office to ensure for the longevity of Masters-Hall Appraisal.

When he formed Masters-Hall Appraisal, Hall took the good practices from those he worked for, and none of the bad. Not only does he value your property, your time, and your business, but he also values each employee who works at Masters-Hall.

Our Values:

  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Hard-working
  • Honesty
  • Reliability